Sun.. Too much of it.. and electrical issues

As this apartment came unfurnished, which yes we are very happy for, lower rent and meaning we can have our own things, it comes with a slight problem. We have no curtains/blinds. Although recently we’ve had rain, it has been very sunny. And no blinds or curtains has caused for some early wake up calls. We were low on money until we both got paid so we had to make do with some thing, borrowed curtains and some awfully ugly and cheap blinds from Ikea, which are just paper. Yeah, paper. Here they are… Continue reading


Today’s the day!

So we woke up at 4am in order to catch an early train. The airport was very very busy, it’s summer holidays now so there was a lot of queuing. Upon our arrival into Sweden we were picked up by my father in law and driven back to his parents home, and greeted with bullar! Mmmmmmm.. seriously, go to Sweden and get buns, it’s worth it.  Continue reading

Graduation and 5 days left 

I’ve been quiet on here, whilst still being active and reading all your posts. Stalker mode..🌚

My partner flew into the UK last Saturday, we drove down with my family to a hotel on Sunday and on Monday I walked across stage in my cap and gown. Now let me tell you, the hat is comfortable (so long as you get the right size) but the gown is somewhat heavy with the hood falling back occasionally trying to strangle you. Oh and my feet were in so much pain after hours of standing. But it was an amazing achievement and I’m so happy I was able to share the experience with my parents, brother and partner.

I found out my partner bought me a graduation gift also, a fish tank! I had decided I was going to buy fish for the biscuit apartment so I’m super excited!  Continue reading

The biscuit apartment 

I have some good news. We have an apartment! It is 20 mins by bus out of Gothenburg also. Which I am happy about, I don’t particularly like being inside cities. My partner will move all the essentials in next month and the month after I move in so perfect timing. He gets to do the hard work of setting up! Maybe this is a time to say I like being in an LDR – I can just relax and move in with a ready apartment! 


I am so sorry to hear what has happened, so sorry to hear the loss families now must suffer

But I am not sorry about all the kind help many individuals and families have offered. The way Manchester has worked to help this awful situation. 

I am sorry to hear about the racist remarks and those who are Muslim who will suffer through no fault of their own and do not deserve it. Many taxi drivers and doctors who have stayed awake all night, left their own families, offered free services are Muslim. Please, do not let this attack bring out the worst in you, I am so angry at what happened. But also angry at the responces of many, pointing the finger at innocent people without good reason. 

I am not racist, homophobic or anything similar. And I will not tolerate this behaviour. Anyone of any race, culture, sexuality, is welcome here and to be my friend. The only people I do not tolerate are those who hurt others. 

My Facebook feed is filled with families pleading for information on their loved ones they’ve yet to hear from and it is heart breaking. 

Sending a hug to everyone today 💕

Applying for university in Sweden

I applied for university in Sweden as part of looking what to do when I move to Gothenburg to be with my partner. However, I’ve decided to reject my offer but if you’re considering studying abroad let me tell you quickly about the process in Sweden. First of all it is EASY. Seriously, its harder to order a take away (even though you’ll go for your usual at the end)

To apply as a foreign student you go through Continue reading