Applying for university in Sweden

I applied for university in Sweden as part of looking what to do when I move to Gothenburg to be with my partner. However, I’ve decided to reject my offer but if you’re considering studying abroad let me tell you quickly about the process in Sweden. First of all it is EASY. Seriously, its harder to order a take away (even though you’ll go for your usual at the end)

To apply as a foreign student you go through this link

Registration for an account is simple and basic, name, address, contact details etc. If you’re Swedish I believe you enter in your tax number (from how my partner applied) and from doing this a few days later his grades were entered automatically from previous studies as the linked in with his tax number. For those like me that process is a little different but also easy, there are also two ways basic of doing it:

  • Post a copy – you don’t need to post the original and please don’t as they most likely won’t post it back
  • Scan your grades onto the computer and upload the document as a PDF

That’s it. You also need to provide documentation such as a passport as proof of your citizenship as a non fee paying student – such as again like me, being European I just scanned in my passport ID page. Again you can scan and post of a signed copy.

Some short time later you’ll get confirmation that your documents have been checked and approved.

And that is it! Unlike the UK, from my experience going through UCAS, there is no other requirements (unless specifically asked for by the university you apply for.) No need to write that 4,000 character essay on ‘how criminology is my biggest desire and I’ll be an amazing person on your course.’ it is also free, I know UCAS has only a small charge, but nonetheless it is money saved.

To find a course you use the search bar, choose the semester you’d like such as Autumn 2017 or Spring 2018. I had, for example, applied for a master’s in criminology in Malmö for Autumn, 2017. You can narrow down your search by university also. A list of courses that match your search will appear and allow you to see more information on it. To select this course there is a big button next to the name. That’s it, click on it, confirm and done!

I was accepted for this degree, however I want to stay in Gothenburg. For the course I applied there, unfortunately I was put on a reserve list and so shall reapply for the 2018 autumn selection when that opens. Until then, job, work, money 🤞🍀


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