I am so sorry to hear what has happened, so sorry to hear the loss families now must suffer

But I am not sorry about all the kind help many individuals and families have offered. The way Manchester has worked to help this awful situation. 

I am sorry to hear about the racist remarks and those who are Muslim who will suffer through no fault of their own and do not deserve it. Many taxi drivers and doctors who have stayed awake all night, left their own families, offered free services are Muslim. Please, do not let this attack bring out the worst in you, I am so angry at what happened. But also angry at the responces of many, pointing the finger at innocent people without good reason. 

I am not racist, homophobic or anything similar. And I will not tolerate this behaviour. Anyone of any race, culture, sexuality, is welcome here and to be my friend. The only people I do not tolerate are those who hurt others. 

My Facebook feed is filled with families pleading for information on their loved ones they’ve yet to hear from and it is heart breaking. 

Sending a hug to everyone today 💕


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