Moving abroad and the prospects of it being so close seems to have heightened all my insecurities.

I cried for 3 hours straight at night – 6 days ago. I joined the gym, this is my 3rd day going to class. I have signed up for 8 classes to take place during the weekdays since I have nothing else to do, and so far I am loving it. I’ve only signed up for classes I already know I enjoy, they’re not all the most intense, but it isn’t a competition. It’s about me being happy before I move.

I get so insecure my partner will want to leave me, my weight gain and appearance just keep getting worse. I’m moving to Sweden, where everyone is just so damn beautiful​. I don’t see my partner often, and in the mean time I fear if he will decide to stay with someone else. Someone Swedish, someone beautiful.

I’m wasting so much energy being insecure about how ‘all the girls in Sweden are beautiful and wont want to be my friend’

  • Monday – aqua aerobics
  • Monday – steps
  • Tuesday -spinning
  • Wednesday – aqua aerobics
  • Wednesday – spinning
  • Thursday – aqua aerobics
  • Thursday stretch
  • Friday spinning

It got to nearly 30 degrees here today, so before my stretch class I am just taking in the sun like the flower I am 🌻


9 thoughts on “Insecurities

    • Hey!! I’m good, we finally have an apartment rented now for 6 months to be extended after for another 6 months (so long we don’t break anything) and I have a job interview when I get to Sweden so really good thank you! How are you??

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  1. I had those insecurities when my boyfriend moved to UK without me, where I thought everyone was blond and gorgeous. Well first, I was wrong – the majority are far away from that, and second, we have this saying ‘every train has its passengers’ – meaning even if he stops liking you, there would be someone who would start! You never know what the new beginning might bring you ^^

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