Biscuit apartment

Okay so I have finally seen the apartment (by photos) for the first time today and of course I wanted to share with you!

It is tiny, it is our first apartment together and the housing market in Gothenburg doesn’t allow for beggers to be choosers. The point is it is ours, legal (we know the woman we rent from has approval to sublet which seems to be an issue in sweden) and the contract is for 6 months and hopefully to be extended for a year. Most importantly affordable!

I’ve only one photo to show since the others have the family and children in, but you get the idea. I’m hoping to decorate it in a minimilisitc manner to make the most of what space we have available. But I also want a lot of plants.

AND we have been told we can have pets. The apartment is too small for a cat, however a fish has been agreed between my and my LDR partner, so I’ll be purchasing some goldfish! Any ideas on names?

44 days until the distance is over and I’m in the biscuit apartment!


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