Graduation and 5 days left 

I’ve been quiet on here, whilst still being active and reading all your posts. Stalker mode..🌚

My partner flew into the UK last Saturday, we drove down with my family to a hotel on Sunday and on Monday I walked across stage in my cap and gown. Now let me tell you, the hat is comfortable (so long as you get the right size) but the gown is somewhat heavy with the hood falling back occasionally trying to strangle you. Oh and my feet were in so much pain after hours of standing. But it was an amazing achievement and I’m so happy I was able to share the experience with my parents, brother and partner.

I found out my partner bought me a graduation gift also, a fish tank! I had decided I was going to buy fish for the biscuit apartment so I’m super excited! 

The LDR side of our relationship is over and that is so hard to believe. We are no longer long distance, no more long periods of time apart. We are a normal couple now!

Today I will attempt to pack for my flight on Tuesday. Please re read the word attempt. I can’t believe it’s only 5 days until I leave Wales and the UK. Now everything else here is pretty much sorted, I can finally begin to concentrate on the excitement of my move to Gothenburg!


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