Today’s the day!

So we woke up at 4am in order to catch an early train. The airport was very very busy, it’s summer holidays now so there was a lot of queuing. Upon our arrival into Sweden we were picked up by my father in law and driven back to his parents home, and greeted with bullar! Mmmmmmm.. seriously, go to Sweden and get buns, it’s worth it. 

After, we drove home. That’s right, home. I can’t believe it that I’m now in my new home. There is a restaurant opposite us that his father treated us to with his mother too. Great food, sat outside in the sun.

We’ve got a lot of unpacking to do but part from that, the flat is pretty much sorted. And I love it. I’ll admit the bathroom is tiny but we pay a nice rental amount so I can’t complain.

It’s so fantastic to be able to say we are no longer a long distance couple, we actually live together, he is me sambo. 

We don’t have internet as of yet but thanks to the recent change in European laws on roaming charges, I’m not charged for using my current UK data here.

Tomorrow we are going to Skatteverket to sort myself out and be one step closer to being an official resident.

Oh and of course my childhood bear came with. Amy 🐻


8 thoughts on “Today’s the day!

  1. Congrats on your new life! So exciting!

    Can I ask what kind of EU registration you will be going for? Self-funded? I’m just interested because I will be in a similar situation in Finland and am keen to hear other people’s experience with the registration process 🙂

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    • Thanks so much! Unfortunetly, I am not so sure how things will work out. I have a job in the UK still, which is classed as part time and small pay but is helping me get by as I have moved in with my boyfriend too who works. Financially we are fine, but as I do not have a job in Sweden just yet I cannot get a residence card and personal number. Without these, despite free movement it means I need to find a job within 3 months. Sorry took so long to reply we have just sorted out our internet here! I am going to upload a new post updating on the situation and my visit to the tax office etc 🙂


      • Fingers crossed that it all works out! I guess it’s hard when you aren’t married (or haven’t been living together for 2 years) because then you can’t use your partner’s income for the registration. But there’s still time to sort something out 🙂

        I read that if you have at least €12000 in savings then you can get registered as a self-funded migrant. But that is obviously very hard to save on a part-time wage. Good luck!

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      • I am 22 years old and just finished university… I can quite confidently say that I do not have that amount of money in my bank haha!
        We are engaged though, so in the future marriage is a plan, but neither of us would want to rush for the purpose of registration.
        It isn’t as easy as many people think is it? I wish you best of luck with your travel and moving also!


      • Hehe, yes, it definitely takes a while to build up that kind of savings! But at least you both have some kind of employment. When we arrive in Finland neither of us will have a job! It definitely isn’t easy.

        Congrats on your engagement! 🙂


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