Hej alla! Meet the kids….

Hej again!

Here is one I’ve been excited to share with, the one that’s just very unswedish (unless you enjoy swedish fish) for which I apologise for, but moving in with my partner and having our first pet is so exciting!

Sorry I’ve been quiet since moving, but we did not have internet. I had some data on my phone but I needed that to be able to keep in contact with my parents and those around me here. But finally, we now have wifi set up in the apartment so I’m getting the posts sorted for all the updates so far!

Meet Magda and Nina (named by my partners cousins.) I was so excited to pick these two up, the tank was a graduation gift, and I was kindly given a gift card to the pet store close by of 300kr which, considering these are only goldfish, is a lot. It meant I was able to purchase the air pump which you gives some great bubbles with the treasure chest.  A brand new filter gift also from my partners parents. So, to say I have been excited about these is an understatement. Our first apartment together, and our first pets!

My only problem is, I don’t remember which is which… Thankfully my partner does. Team work!



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