Sun.. Too much of it.. and electrical issues

As this apartment came unfurnished, which yes we are very happy for, lower rent and meaning we can have our own things, it comes with a slight problem. We have no curtains/blinds. Although recently we’ve had rain, it has been very sunny. And no blinds or curtains has caused for some early wake up calls. We were low on money until we both got paid so we had to make do with some thing, borrowed curtains and some awfully ugly and cheap blinds from Ikea, which are just paper. Yeah, paper. Here they are…


Although ugly, and not the best, they’ve given some relief. We’ve been paid since and so I popped to ikea after my partner did some measuring. He measured one wrong so I need to return one of the blinds but ikea is so close for us so it’s no issue. In all honesty, as ugly as the blinds are above I am very happy my partner found some cheap solution to help me and put them up for me. How did I live without him before? Living with him hasn’t felt so different currently, as although we are used to being apart, it also means we are used to spending weeks together when we were lucky enough to travel. Still, continuing to be happy the LDR side is finished.


So, this is what we’ve chosen. 5 of these, sizes vary of course depending on which window to go on, and we will have something different for by the kitchen area. It is costing around 700kr in total, but we must wait for help to be able to put them up. So, for now it still remains that the sun is screaming at me every morning. I’ve been ill also, yup, less than two weeks here and I got ill, fantastic. So the lack of sleep has not been the most enjoyable so far.

Including in setting up, is that there were a few minor electrical issues. I say minor, but if they were to go wrong it could be very dangerous. I mean for a start, for some reason the fire alarm was just on a shelf and not actually installed. A light switch in one area didn’t have the actual cover switch on it and in the kitchen, opposite the sink, an open socket with all the wires and such. Apologise for the awful photo, but this was it during being fixed already looking a million times better. My partner contacted the needed people and we’ve had it all fixed, in under 2 weeks which again is great. Especially since it is summer and the man who helped us was the only one working. For 3 buildings, alone. whilst everyone else enjoyed a summer vacation.



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