Living Welsh in Sweden


Hi, hej! If you haven’t guessed by now, I am Welsh, more specifically North Walian. 2017 is the year I finally pack my bag and book my one way ticket to Gothenburg, Sweden.

Why? Varför?

For kärlek/love, of course! But that isn’t the only reason. Without my partner of 6 years, I’d probably have never visited Gothenburg in the first place. Perhaps I’d have moved somewhere else, Italy? Namiba?

I’m 22 years old, a Graduate of 2017 in the field of Criminology and only have knowledge of A1 Swedish from the Folkuniversitet. So yes, pretty naive in terms of my knowledge and grips on life in Sweden. Although with my love of coffee and bullar Fika is second nature to me.

I thought I’d share my journey of moving abroad with you.

~ My one way ticket is July 18th, 2017 ~

Obs! Ps! Since my latop remains British I do not have simple or quick access to ‘Å’, ‘Ä’, and ‘Ö’ unfortunetly. However, feel free to let me know where I have missed this out and I can update with good old copy and paste.

Hej! Rhian, 22, Wales.

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9 thoughts on “About

      • Ah Birgitta is one of my teachers too! I have her and Gabriella. I did a beginners course back in Australia, and then started a A2 course a few weeks ago after trying a bit of learning myself online. I’m a little out of my depth but it’s sort of a good thing. You should do some more classes when you can. It’s nice to have a teaching environment 🙂

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      • Thats really good work! Sometimes it is better to get down into it rather than wait. Getting back into swedish classess is one of my top priorities when I come back. May I ask, the course you’re taking now, is it a self paid for course or is it through SFI? I was considering applying for SFI after I get my tax number but have seen many mixed reviews about the quality of it. I miss learning Swedish and speaking it!

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      • I am visiting on a WH visa (as an Australian) so I don’t get a personnummer which means I cannot take part in SFI. So annoying! (my visa is 364 days and you need have a visa for more than a year or EU citizenship to get the personnummer).
        So I am taking paid courses at Folk Universitet (it is 6 weeks of 2 x 2hour lessons), I think it was around 2400kr but it depends which time of day your course is, and what season (I think they cost more over the summer). It is good just to get out and be amongst other people (I’m sure this is the same for SFI). The teachers are great and only speak Swedish too. I would definitely recommend it.

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      • That sucks, are you planning on staying in Swden indefinetly then?
        I enjoyed my time at the school, every teacher was helpful and the immersion into the language really helped. The majority class I was with would go out in the evenings too, to practice at different locations which also made it a lot more fun.

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      • Most likely! I’ll need to look into the horrible partnership visa soon (horrible because of the length time frame and travel bans it incurs).
        We are going to do that next week, which is nice cos I need friends here! It’s nice to socialise with people in a similar situation.


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