Finals and Friends 

Tonight, I feel sad.. I had a blast with my uni friend, but the realisation hit me as soon as I got into my own flat. That’s it, after tonight I am no longer a student. I hit it hard tonight to celebrate the last night but it didn’t quite hit me emotionally until I got home, perhaps after a few too many.

Uni has had its ups and downs but I’m glad I’ve done it. I’m happy it’s finished so now I can head on to Sweden. Throughout this I thought I’d see my partner more, maybe we did a little. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t miss him and struggle

Advertisements less than 24 hours of studying.. 

I’m so tired of studying for exams. I miss researching for fun. I miss giving myself mini projects with the questions in my head. My final exam takes place 9:30am tomorrow and is two hours long. Whilst I am excited to finish, I am still nervous that I get dreaded news of failing, meaning no graduation in July, resit exams and assignments, no moving to Sweden in July.

I applied for a master’s in Sweden, Continue reading

Over the phone interview 

This morning I was woken up with my phone ringing violently as I left it lean against my laptop. Admittedly I don’t get many phone calls, I’m not the most social in the morning.

It was a company which I had sent my CV to, so I was pretty extatitc to answer as I saw the company name across my phone. I was asked if I had time to answer a few questions as part of an over the phone interview. Absolutely! And have been asked to call Continue reading

University, studying, exams, the end

I just want to start of by again saying thank you to all above come to my blog. I have been trying to make sure I update regularly this past week and it’s been a great distraction from what I should be doing. Studying. I have my final exam for university next week and then I will be finished..!

The following day I will be moving back home to North Wales with my family, and I’ll have more time to share some nicer photos and stories with you. I’ll also have more time to enjoy reading all your blogs! A lot of the blogs I’ve crime across have been travel, ldr, food and make up. I love it all! 

For those who maybe interested, I study criminology. Unfortunately I will not be landing my ‘dream job’ upon my arrival in Sweden. It’ll be a case of get what I can! But I have worked with a charity during my time in south wales, supporting victims of domestic abuse, human trafficking, forced marriage and other forms of abuse.I’d like to be able to continue my work supporting people when I’m in a position to get the right job

Thank you!

Last night I received this lovely notification! I’ve only had this blog since last Saturday, I didn’t expect a single follower but I’ve talked with some great and also helpful people and read some great blogs too. So thank you to everyone who has followed, viewed, liked or commented!