So, I have the tickets booked. What’s next?

Usually my packing is terrible, I pack too much and look at less than half of it once I’m there. Moving there will mean I will need to take careful consideration into what I actually take over with the limited space I will have. If you have read my post Boxes and Packing you’ll know I’ve already sent a few things over. But in all honesty, there wasn’t much in there of actual use. Sentimental items, books and a pair of boots.

Preparing for Sweden will be more than just clearing out old clothes, it’ll be getting my paperwork in order, saying bye to friends and family, my home. Cymru am byth.

I’ll be updating the sections as I go along with my preperation. Take a look at paperwork as my first page to get an insight into what I mean by this. I’m learning as I go along and any advice is greatly appreciated.

Paperwork – out now

Suitcase – coming soon

Sorting through the bears – coming soon

Goodbyes – coming soon